A short break in transmission…

Mothering Frights is taking a short break from blogging to double her offspring quota to two. I am so relishing the prospect of sleepless nights, leaky nipples and not having a clue if you are standing on your head or what your name is. It’s like Glastonbury, but with more baby sick and less of a quality soundtrack.

To ensure you do not miss the next enthralling installment of the blog, you can always Follow Mothering Frights (scroll down and the Follow button should pop up a the bottom right of your screen. If it doesn’t, don’t blame me, I can barely follow the plot of In the Night Garden these days) – this will alert you to any new posts.

Mothering Frights – one mother, a toddler, soon to be baby, still no bloody clue whatsoever – will be back soon.



One response to “A short break in transmission…

  • Holly

    Good luck. It’s true that 2 is better than 1, however 1 can become a little testy and jealous of 2! And Mum can end up feeling like a pile of number 2!
    I have so enjoyed your blog and although I hate acronyms I have indeed LOL-ed at it frequently. I await your return!
    Another mum of toddler and baby with no clue.

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