Is it wrong, when dealing with a baby who just will not, under any circumstances, stop screaming at the top of his lungs, even after an hour of walking, jigging and cajoling, to gently and calmly sing several rounds of Rock-a-bye Baby, but replace with words with ‘Shut the fuck up please’?

3 responses to “Lullaby

  • Hermione

    Sounds very reasonable to me. I remember putting treasured first child in his cot very carefully (supressing urge to avoid throw him into it) and then going and sitting outside his door and sobbing (well howling really) and yelling things like ‘what the fuck to is wrong with the bloody child) for a longish period. I think you sound rather restrained and well mannered. Maybe you should write a book…

  • Hermione

    Hum- iPad punctuation disaster of a comment there..

  • Jane Smith

    I think the new lyrics will catch on.

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