An Ode to Play Mobil’s 40th Birthday

Rarely do I find myself in a sentimental mood, but this week I found out that Play Mobil was celebrating it’s 40th birthday, and quite frankly, I couldn’t help myself…


Happy birthday, Play Mobil

You’ve been here forty years.

I’ll raise a tiny plastic cup

To celebrate. So cheers!


Our house would just not look the same

Without your plastic toys

That infiltrate most every room

And bring joy to both my boys.


Fire engines, dustmen’s trucks,

A great big yellow digger,

Speedboats, trailers, motorbikes.

We need a house that’s bigger.


Knights of old with sturdy steeds

Warn dragons off with fires.

A jumbo jet with passengers

(Some are frequent flyers).


Pirates sporting salty scars

Cling tightly to the rigging

Whilst men in hi-vis jackets

Are busy perpetually digging.


It’s true, they don’t quite stay as new

There may be deviation.

A farmer holds a fireman’s hose

To solve a livestock conflagration.


A pirate wears a spaceman’s hat,

He dreams of lunar travel.

Alas, he’s tethered to a pig

With rope we can’t unravel.


Pirate coins are piglet feed,

A ladder is a sword.

But one this stays consistent:

My boys are never bored.


So, my little straight-armed friends

With those little dots for eyes

An ability to grip on tight

To things of a certain size.


Let’s raise a cheer to celebrate

An amazing forty years.

Shame that you won’t hear us

As you’ve got no flipping ears.

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