Who the hell am I?

Hello, blog readers, pleased to meet you in that online-not-really-met-you-at-all kind of way, my name is Jodie Newman. I became a mum in 2008 and then somewhat foolishly, knowing the second time round just what I was letting myself in for, again in 2012. It will come to no surprise whatsoever to those with offspring that the journey has been less luxury cruise and more rickety old roller coaster with no safety harness. At times white-knuckle, sphincter-loosening and exhilarating, I jot down my thoughts as I go and make no apologies for expletives, ignorance and general mediocre mothering.

Peppered amongst the words are some ham-fisted attempts at illustration. The more recent ones are mine – you can spot them by their crapness – and those that appear in the long and distant archives are done by the hugely more talented Laura Slinn. Either way, they give your eyes a break from all those expletives.

We hope you enjoy motheringfrights. If you don’t, you may find another website where Annabel Karmel is whipping up some nutritionally stupendous puree or one parading perfectly coiffed kids with coordinated, floral outfits and tiny little waistcoats (your for only £99) more to your liking.

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