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Forget the bobbin…

Oh, how inspiring it is to have children. I hear many people say that their children have inspired them to change their lives, to change their beliefs, to change the world. Me? Well, I’ve changed my pants today which is not an inconsiderable victory. But recently, they have inspired me to write (I use the term loosely) songs (and that one even more so). Oh yes. Be afraid.

I think it is all those years of singing those goddamn nursery rhymes, over and over again, and even finding myself singing them to myself late in the day, long after anyone under the age of five is even remotely within earshot. Due to not ever really knowing the words, and being irritated by the words that I do remember, and wanting to suck my own eyeballs out and ram them in my ears every time I hear myself singing them, it was obvious that what would really help is to recreate them. But with a more… Mothering Frights kind of vibe.

So, here they are, on my shiny new You Tube Channel (ooh, get me). http://bit.ly/17IA9DX

You will also find some audio blogs, book extracts and that kind of stuff, but if you just want to take a peek at one, start with Wind the Mummy Up. That will set the right tone.

Warning: these nursery rhymes are not for young ears. Or for those of a sensitive disposition. Or for those who don’t find swearing big and clever.

Let me know what you think. (Not about my singing voice. I am under no illusion about that).