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Hush little baby

B has lost the sleeping plot. Whereas I, on the other hand, am just losing the plot in general. Last night, at 3.10am, as I leant over B’s cot, stroking his back, willing him to sleep as he burbled, gurgled and swung his legs about with gay abandon, I thought I would sing him a lullaby. It turned out something like this, although a little more whispery and sung through gritted teeth than this version. Just click to listen.┬áIf you are going to play this, you may not be surprised that it contains swear words. I know, who’d have thought? So perhaps don’t play it on your iPad, full blast, on the 18.49 to Euston. My pathetic singing voice alone would be enough to create mass panic.

Oh, and if you can’t see a play button, but see a link with ‘download’, don’t panic… it won’t download, just play in another page. Honest.